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Announcing the newest RESET Air Accredited Monitor, the Sensedge by Kaiterra

April 27th, 2018 12:08


We are delighted to announce the accreditation of the Sensedge by Kaiterra, welcoming this groundbreaking indoor air quality monitor to the ranks of RESET Accredited IAQ Monitors.


The Sensedge represents a significant advancement in the world of commercial air quality monitors. It blazes a new trail that promises to solve critical challenges in the building industry, most notably with respect to sensor maintenance and ongoing accuracy.


“The building industry is very much ‘build-and-forget’ when it comes to sensors,” says Raefer Wallis, Founder of the RESET Standard “We regularly see buildings operated by sensors that stopped being accurate 10-15 years ago. That’s a problem for owners and tenants targeting efficient buildings and healthy, comfortable and productive occupants.”


The average adult breathes 15,000L of air per day; 5,000 times more than the next most important element for life: water. As a result, relatively minor shifts in indoor air quality can have tremendous impacts on health, productivity and the bottom line. For example, a CO2 increase of 400ppm not only impacts well-being, but can also lead to a decrease in productivity of 21%. Considering that salary and benefits make up 90% of expenses for most companies today, the total financial impact of poor air quality can be staggering. Managing air quality requires the ability to measure it, accurately.


The RESET Standard for healthy buildings was developed on the idea that the quality of our decisions and actions are only ever as good as the quality of the information we base those decisions on. Seeing as all sensors drift over time, RESET requires annual maintenance and calibration of indoor air quality monitors and their sensors. This is often a challenge for an industry with a weak culture of maintenance and low understanding of technology.


“The Sensedge introduces the world of IAQ monitors to hot-swappable sensors,” says Liam Bates, CEO of Kaiterra. “This eliminates the need to remove monitors from walls and send them back to labs for re-calibration. What used to take 1 week now literally takes 2 seconds. Not only does this save money and time, it also ensures data isn’t lost.”


The Sensedge also packs a wealth of other useful features that help commercial users stay on top of their air quality and within RESET Standards. The built-in memory and battery allow for local data storage in the event of connectivity and/or power outages, with automatic data upload upon re-connectivity to meet RESET’s requirements for data completeness. Additionally, data access can be controlled according to specific project needs to display on the Sensedge’s touchscreen, mobile app, or on a desktop platform. Finally, the Sensedge is also the world’s first IAQ monitor to integrate the RESET Health Index, directly communicating the health performance of indoor spaces with a single figure.

“RESET is turning the industry on its head - it used to be that people only cared about how a building was built,” says Liam Bates. “Now, they care more about how it operates and whether or not it is keeping them safe and healthy, every day. However, there is still a lot of education to be done with respect to producing and maintaining high quality data. Product accreditation plays an important role in helping educate users on what to look out for.”


In a world where anyone can measure anything, it is important for building owners and company leaders to stay on top of how their spaces perform, especially when it comes to indoor air health. The Sensedge empowers these companies to ensure that their data stays accurate, easily and for the long term.



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