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RESET® Accredited Monitors

RESET Monitors are monitoring devices that have been tested and accredited by RESET. The monitoring devices are expected to continuously monitor, report, and transfer data to RESET Accredited Data Providers for RESET Projects pursuing accreditation.

RESET does not manufacture its own monitoring hardware.

1. Why become a RESET Accredited Monitor?

RESET Accredited Monitors is an accreditation given to monitoring hardware that have been tested to perform at the required accuracy and consistency set by the RESET Standard and is used to create trust and verify that the hardware is reflective of the specifications listed.

RESET Monitor accreditation can help your product stand out by being verified of its data quality by a third party.

A RESET Accredited Monitor states the following:

  • Third-party tested.
  • Can perform within RESET Standard requirements.
  • Can be used for RESET Projects.
  • Consistent across units.
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Please note that the RESET Monitor Accreditation is a one-time test that checks the monitor's capability of performing within requirements. It does not guarantee that every monitor manufactured is calibrated properly. For more information about the testing process, please click here.

2. Requirements & Expectations

Here are the basic requirements expected of every RESET Accredited Monitor:

  • The monitor can continuously monitor.
  • The monitor can be connected to the cloud and is IoT enabled.
  • The physical device is the same device as described in the specification sheet.
  • There is a way to visualize the data collected from the monitor across time.

RESET currently offers monitor accreditation for the RESET Air Standard only. Accreditation encompasses two types of air quality monitors:

  • Indoor monitors for Commercial Interiors projects
  • In-duct monitors for Core & Shell projects

3. How to become a RESET Accredited Monitor?

There will be different processes depending on the applicable RESET Standard.

To get your monitor accredited as a RESET Air Accredited Monitor, please click the link below for more information on the process and pricing.

Process for RESET Air Accredited Monitors.

4. FAQ

Check out the FAQ for RESET Accredited Monitors by clicking here.