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RESET® Programs

RESET's set of standards, tools, and services are unique and different from other building standards and certification programs. RESET prioritizes results via continuous monitoring and does not have specific requirements towards the solution as long as it leads to a healthy result. With no standardized solutions checklists or prescribed paths, the design and implementation can be tailored to each project depending on the individual situation and needs.

In the following section, we list out RESET's accreditation programs:

1. RESET Projects

RESET Projects are accredited projects in the built environment that exhibit transparency and future-mindedness with data collection and continuous monitoring. With data collected according to a third-party standard, RESET Projects are well positioned to take advantage of the data collected for optimized operations and upgrade solutions.

There are two types of accreditations for RESET Projects: Commercial Interiors and Core & Shell. RESET was initially designed as a standard and certification program for indoor commercial spaces that are occupied by tenants, but quickly expanded to include a Core & Shell, targeting property and building owners.

2. RESET Professionals

RESET Professionals, also known as RESET APs, are industry professionals who have studied and understand the RESET Standard. They are responsible for guiding RESET Projects towards accreditation or certification.

RESET Professionals accreditation is given for each of the RESET Standards and requires an exam and intensive that involves working on a mock project.

3. RESET Data Providers

RESET Projects requires Data Providers to function. Data Providers are software platforms that are in charge of collecting the data from monitoring hardware for display and for data compilation to be sent to the RESET Cloud for auditing.

RESET currently offers accreditation for data providers who demonstrate the ability to store and handle data. RESET Accreditation is given to software platforms and data providers who have built a connection with the RESET Cloud and can power the data collection and analytics for a RESET Project. RESET Projects must use an accredited data provider to achieve certification.

4. RESET Monitors

RESET currently offers accreditation for two types of air quality monitors: indoor and induct monitors. RESET Accreditation can help your product stand out by being verified of its data quality by a third party. And RESET Projects must use accredited air quality monitors to achieve certification.

5. RESET Membership

RESET Membership is a program developed to provide a way for companies to leverage and support RESET without directly implementing a RESET Project.

6. RESET Initiatives

The RESET Initiatives program is a Kickstarter styled program for developing research that is publicly published. The goal of the RESET Initiatives program is to provide a sustainable model for implementing research initiatives that can help the entire industry.

7. Partnering with RESET

In addition to expanding our community with individual APs, companies in similar spaces are also encouraged to reach out to us to partner on delivering the highest degree of environmental health possible.

For example, RESET has partnered with the International WELL Building Institute to create a crosswalk between the RESET Air 2.0 Certification and the WELL™ v2 and make dual certification more achievable and we are continually open to collaborating with other companies that share RESET’s drive for sustainable building and transparency in environmental health data.

Click here to view the available crosswalks for RESET Air and email us at info[at]reset.build for partnering opportunities.