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MICA is an Intelligent Indoor Air Quality Monitor that continuously monitors the most relevant parameters and pollutants for healthy indoor air quality: Temperature, Humidity, Carbon Dioxide, Particulate matter (PM10, PM4.0, PM2.5, And PM1.0), Formaldehyde, and Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC). Developed and manufactured entirely in-house, MICA is equipped with state-of-the-art sensors with a long lifespan (over 10 years) to minimize maintenance, combining performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. The device communicates wirelessly with the My inBiot web platform, allowing users to view real-time indoor air quality, check historical data, receive alerts, and access certification reports. These reports streamline the certification process by showing real-time progress toward RESET certification and enabling direct data download in the format accepted by WELL and WELL Performance Rating. Connectivity to the cloud can be via WiFi, GSM or LoRaWAN, allowing to have monitoring and analysis of the data in the My inBiot platform or in third-party platforms thanks to the integration with the public API. Depending on the version of the MICA, the device can be placed on a tabletop or installed on a wall. In addition, the MICA device can be integrated with the building to control and automate the operation of HVAC systems through different communication protocols, thus ensuring optimal air quality levels and energy savings.

Active Markets

MICA, MICA Plus, MICA WELL is currently available in the following markets:

  • European Union

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INBIOT MONITORING SL INBIOT provides companies with digital technology to control the air quality of their spaces and, in this way, achieve healthy, safe, and sustainable spaces that guarantee a balance between economic growth, social well-being, and environmental care. https://en.inbiot.es/

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